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Counting Categories etc...


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When i have a main category, such as animals with one picture tagged.

And i have two subcategories, dogs, with 5 pictures and cats, with 3 pictures.


Then i think, it would be better, when the categorie-tree is collapsed, that the counter of animals is 9 and when i click the radiobutton then i get the 9 Pictures (one Animals, five dogs and three cats).

When the categorie-tree is not collapsed, then i see animals 1, dogs 5, cats 3 and i get only the one animal picture, when i click the radiobutton animals.

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Yes please!


Something along these lines has been requested numerous times from different users so I really belive there is a huge demand for this.


Another question related to this is how to deal with parent category selctions. Eg. thinking of a parent called "family" and childs "father", "mother", "daughter" - when I check "family" its pretty obvious that I also want the childs selected. Same goes for counting of course.


Making this dependant of the colapse/expanded state of the parent probably would lead to confusion as the values would change more or less randomly.


What I really would suggest is a setting/flag in the cogwheel above the "Catalog Tags" panel. There the user could choose if childnodes are included in selections/counting of parentnodes or not.


This is also how this is handled in ACDSee - there is a contextmenu setting called "include subcatagories".

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Yes! And please have the same set of properties for the Key Words, too. When a PicaJet(FX) album is imported, Daminion seems to suggest that the PicaJet Categories be mapped to Daminion Key Words. So I'm using the Key Words, instead of Categories. The Key Words very much need to have the option of having the parent folder display the total number of photos in the subfolders. I've been assigning photos in the parent folder, but which are not in a subfolder, to "Misc" subfolder of the Parent. But I can see where one might want to display only the photos in the parent folder on one occasion, but include all the subfolders on another occasion. So perhaps having a toggle switch is the best thing.


Also, one can select multiple subfolders by holding down the CTRL key while clicking multiple radio buttons. It would be nice to also have the ability to select a series of subfolders by holding down the SHIFT key, as one can do in any application in Windows, or in Windows itself.

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Just adding my "Yes" to the chorus.


It could perhaps be handled in a way that is similar to the Place fields. If country and State are defined, but City is not for some photos, the State count is the total ( in this case actually defined state count). The count of the photos with city undefined follows, and then the count of the defined cities. The count of all photos with the parent node could be followed by a count of the photos having only the parent node keyword. For example:


Family 1000

---Family 300

---Parents 200

---Children 200

---Grandparents 300

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