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  1. Hello, no chance to fix this bug? Is it so difficult? regards
  2. Hello, too bad, that the bug is not fixed in 6.4. Will it fixed in Future? Kind regards Steven
  3. Hello, when i add the Katalog Tags#2 left in a tab, then the tab disappears, when i close Daminion and reopen Daminion. Regards Steven
  4. Hello, in damininon 4.6 1464 no video-miniatures after import are created.
  5. Hello Murat, wouldn't it be better: Filtering, when i click a name Tagging, when i click the radio button. Then Daminion does not need a new Tab.
  6. Hello, this would be a very good solution. Regards
  7. Hello, for me it would be a better usability, when i can use different tabs for Tagging and Filter. So it would be fantastic, when i can choose in the settings, if i want tagging and filter in one tab or in different tabs. For example a tagging tab on the right panel and a Filter tab on the right panel. I confuse often, if i was in Filter mode or in tagging mode. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I have found the error. It was a extern software "Always mouse wheel". When AMW is active, then i can not scroll in Daminion. Why?
  9. Why it is not possible to scroll with mouse wheel in miniatures window?
  10. Hello, videos with ratio 16:9 get priview miniatures in ratio 3:4. What is the problem? Regards
  11. Hello, mpg in folders does not automatic update by pressing F6.
  12. Hello Murat, i think, that number three is the best solution. regards
  13. Hello, often i tag pictures in different folders. Now i must choose the first folder, then change into tagmode, then i can tag teh pictures, then i must change back into filtermode, in order to choose the next folder ... In tagmode the folders have no function, whould it not better, when in tagmode the folders have the filtermode. Then i must not change the modes, when i want to change the folder
  14. Hello, why i must change between filter and assign Modus? Several times i tagged pictures accidental, because i forgot to change from assign modus back to filter modus. In my opinion, it would better to have the two possibilities at same time. A radio button in front to filter and a button to tag in the back. Or the whole name field can filter by clicking and changed the background colour, the radio button ist then for tagging. regards
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