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Tags not written to image


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After I recreated my catalog I found images that missed tags in the new recreated catalog. When checking the tags I found three different views on the tags:

1) in the original catalog

2) in the recreated catalog

3) in the image itself


The unsynced item count in the original catalog is 0.


I have uploaded the image in my Dropbox.


Is there a tool to compare the tags in Daminion and in the image itself. I think it would be useful for verifying that you have everything in sync.






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Hi Murat,


It's only one file that is in two catalogs and all the three views differ: catalog 1, catalog 2 and image metadata.


The changes to the metadata was made in catalog 1 and after that I recreated the catalog (catalog 2). I was looking for a tool for comparing catalog contents and the image itself, not comparing the tags in two different images.



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Hi Murat!


I still don't understand how I can do it. I understand that I could compare contents of two catalogs or two images by exporting to CSV and using a Text Comparison tool. But I cannot get CSV out of exiftool so that I could compare the metadata in an image against the exported CSV. What I'd like to do is to verify that my images and Daminion database are in sync.


I have uploaded the image in my screenshots into my Dropbox. I have created the image with GIMP late last year and added it into my catalog. When I believed that I had lost my catalog when upgrading Daminion, I created a new catalog from scratch by importing my images. When I realized that I had used wrong Postgres version and my old catalog still existed I noticed that some of taggings didn't match. This is an example image where there are three different understandings of the tags:

– the original catalog, which I have tagged

– the new catalog, where Daminion has read the metadata from the images

– what actually is in the image, reported by exiftool



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Hi Juha,


You can get exif datas from exiftool with the following command:


exiftool.exe {yourfilename}.{filename-extension} -csv > {yourfilename}.csv


The exiftool program should be in:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Daminion Software\Daminion\MediaProcessors\ImageProcessor


Hope this can help you.



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Hi Yves,


Thank you for your tip, I didn't know this option. Unfortunately it doesn't help to solve my problem, because the csv files from exiftool and Daminion are not like. The fields have different names and they are in different order. Also the way data is formatted differs e.g. the file size is in MB in the other and in kB the other. So I cannot compare the tags in file and in Daminion with this trick. :sad:



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