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Automaticly assign Tags/Categories


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Hello Everyone,


I was wondering if Daminion could Automaticly assign Tags/Categories to photo's in this scenario. Imagine I want to attach a few pictures to the Category 'Gulls'. I drag the pictures to this Category. The category 'gulls' is however a subcategory of the category 'Birds' and I want to attach the picture to this as well, can this be done automaticly because it is a subcategory?


Best regars,


Henri Zomer

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Hello Henri,


yes the item has the tag of the selected category level and all of the tags above this selected hierachy level. In your case the subcategory and its parent category. No limitation regarding the hierarchy levels.

You can check in in the metadata of the file. You should find there:

"Supplemental Categories birds|gull"


Now you can search by "birds" to find all "birds" or by "gull" to find the gulls only.


Regards, uwe

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Thanks for your reply Uwe, but it does not completely answer my question. If I open Daminion, and look at the details of a photo after assigning it to the category 'gulls'. It shows in the details (Category list) that it has been assigned to 'gulls' but not to its parental category 'birds'. I wonder if there is an option to get this done automaticly, so that it will also show 'birds' in the list of categories?





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Hello Henri,


do you mean the Properties Panel = details, list of categories?

There you don't see the hierarchy of the tags but there is a mouse-over effect. That means when you move the mouse to a tag a window appears that shows the full hierarchy of the tag.


Regards, Uwe

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Hello Uwe,


Yes, I see what you mean, and on a mouse-over it shows the information I am missing. But this not completely solves my problem... let me explain it by some pictures:


Since I want to see how many pictures are attached to each category, I would like that if when I assign a picture to the lowest sub-category it is automaticly assigned to each of the family-categories above it. See picture... like this. Is there somewhere a function that I can enable so that the program will do this?


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Hell Henri,


If you need to see how many images were assigned directly to the "birds" keyword you might see that all tags that contains sub-tags displays two numbers, like 10293/20933.


- The first number means how many files were assigned directly to the "birds" keywords. And you can select all images with the "birds", but without "birds/gull" by clicking on the "birds" and holding the Shift key at the same time.


- The second number displays how many files were assigned to "birds" inlcuding all it's sub-tags, like "birds/gull".


Daminion doesn't automatically assign image to "birds" if you assign it to the "birds/gull". So you need to do this separately, however I don't see a point for such behaviour, because as Uwe said you can search for "birds" even if you assigned a picture to "birds/gull" directly.


BTW in the export settings you can check the "Flatten Keywords" option, and all your keywords will be save into images as birds, gull. But you will loss the hierarchy info.

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