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Question about optimal setup


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Hi there - I was having a hard time figuring this out on my own. Here is my scenario:


I am beginning to ramp up my work as a freelance graphic designer and was looking for a good DAM for non-corporate users, obviously leading me here! I have been building quite a library of assets and client projects and wanted something to organize them in and have available to me.


Accessing my files from anywhere sounds great, but I don't know anything about setting up a server. I did some searching on it, but I am not sure that the guides I'm finding are using personal servers in this way...


Does anyone have some advice for the optimal setup for me? I just want to be sure I'm setting it all up in the most efficient/optimal way. I'd really appreciate it.

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Hello Ame


Configuring the Daminion Server for usage on a local network is easy. Please follow this tutorial:



If you need an access to your files from the Internet we can offer several options for you:


1. Install the Daminion Server on a Windows based hosting. You can then access your Daminion Server by specifying your web-server's IP address.

2. If you have a static IP that you can connect to your Daminion Server on the same manner as in the above step #1.

3. Connect to your Daminion Server PC by a VPN connection:



4. If you need a readonly access to a part of your database then you can use the Publish panel that uses Dropbox to share your images and documents:


Hope this helps.

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Hi Murat,


Thank you for the response. I was hoping to set it up so that I could access my files as long as I have an internet connection. I guess it's the part about setting up a Windows based hosting that I don't know too much about. Do I need to buy hosting from someone? Or can I set it up myself? Is it secure to do that?


Sorry for all the questions, I just know what I want to do, but not where to start. I appreciate the help!

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We use photonvps hosting to host our Daminion Server with the demo catalog. A hosting plan with 2 or even 4 gb RAM is recommended. Basic admin skills is required in order to properly configure it and install the Daminion server.


Probably configuring the VPN connection will be more easy way in your case. See the above link.

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Ok - I checked out the link. I'm a little familiar with VPN since I have to do that at work occasionally. But still, I would need a PC set up as a server, with all the files loaded onto it, is that correct? I think I'm confused then why I wouldn't just remote into a PC with a standalone version of Daminion to use? Does it need to be a sever version? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.


So are you suggesting also that I purchase Server hosting from a company? I've read that creating a personal home server is possible. Would it work to do that (or be efficient) in this case? I might have an unused PC that could be used, if I'm correct in my thinking of how this all works. If that's a possibility, would there be a preferred way I would need to set it up to work with Daminion and host all my files?


Please forgive my ignorance regarding all this, this is all very new to me.

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If you are the only user of your database then a remote access might be an option. Daminion Server and Clients should be installed on the same PC in this case.


I suggest you to try both ways: via remote access and by installing the Daminion Client locally. One of the benefits of the first way is you can work on a Mac OS without extra Parallels/Windows installation.

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I work on Windows PCs. But yes, I would be the only user. I just want a cohesive, searchable, file organization solution for my projects and assets wherever I go.


So there are a few questions I have unanswered still -


So essentially, I will need a server, is that right?

Is it best to buy server space or create a server of my own? How would I do this?

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There are several ways to organize your image archive and configure your Daminion.


- I recommend you to select a Daminion Server edition even if you plan to access your server pc remotelly via a third-party tool like Windows Remote Desktop, TeamViewer or Radmin. This version is much faster than the standalone one on a comparable price for the home usage.


- The cheapest way would be to host the Daminion Server on your own server PC (in your home) and then access it by the Daminion Client via the vpn (software or hardware)

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You can also download and install the Daminion Client 3.4 1119 and play with our test Daminion Server on the Windows SSD VPS hosting ($25 US/month for 2GB RAM and 2 virtual GHz CPUs):


- Launch the Daminion Client

- Go to the File > Open Shared Catalog. Then Add Server

- Type in:

- And connect to the NetCatalog as admin/admin


FYI the speed of displaying thumbnails in the 3.7 version is up to 5 times faster than in the 3.4 version.

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Ok - I will look into creating a server then so that I can use it in this way. Thank you!


Don't get hung up on the word server in the software title.


I run the server version of Daminion on my home desktop computer which runs the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home. I typically access Daminion server on this computer via my laptop.


I have approximately 44,000 photos in the Daminion database and do not have any issues.


Frank Hahn

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