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REST API problems


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I can’t get the REST API to work. I have tested everything I can think of so now I need some help.


API is enabled (at port 8090) in the server settings but when I try to call the API using some of the queries that are listed on the API-page it doesn't work. I have tested it from the computer running Daminion server. I also have tried accessing it from another computer (using both the correct server name and ip address). But I never get any response only a refused connection (“ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSEDâ€).


When I check all listening ports (“netstat -a | find "LISTENING"), the port that Daminion uses (8090) for the REST API isn’t listed.


What am I doing wrong?


I’m running Daminion (Trail) on Windows Server 2003 R2 (SP2).

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Sorry for the inconvenience. REST API is broken in the current 1113 build.


I can send you the test (non-public) Daminion 3.7 build on the upcoming Monday for testing purposes with the bug-fix.


Ok, it would probably be a good idea to publish a statement about that on the web site, e.g. on the REST API page. I have spent a couple of hours troubleshooting this!


It would be great if you could send me the test build on monday!

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I am Having ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED problem in my PC


Here’s the mail I got recently when I get this problem again

I received the same msg ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and was blocked from doing any searches.

(But I could listen to and watch Youtube videos!)

I don't know what your computer said, but I am running Google Chrome on windows 7 and above the message it said to:

1) Click on the Chrome Menu (the 2 bars in upper right hand corner of the Google Home page.

2) go to Settings > then "show advanced setting"

3) click Change proxy settings


4) click LAN Settings

5) UNclick "use a proxy server for your LAN"


Then closed all windows and programs


Now, everything is fine! (REBOOTING (RESET) IS A NUISANCE, BUT IT HELPS)

I hope this info helps you.


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