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1130 - Rename and Move - could not find a part of the path


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this is a part of the folder structure:

Daminion_1130_could not find a part of the path.jpg

BUT: the folder 1983_07 and it's subfolders doen't exist on the disc - have been deleted by an other program.

In Daminion I renamed an item and wanted to move it to the folder 1983_07_01. I get an error message: "could not find a part of the path". This is true but why not updating the folder structure and create the folder on the disc as it is done when the folder structure in Daminion fits to the structure on the disc. This is a possible final solution.

The first step from my point of view is an other error message, e.g. "Folder structure in Daminion doesn't fit to the structure on the disc. Please update."

I'll send a video by Skype to you.


Regards, Uwe

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