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Feature: "Update Folders automatically" ?


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HI !


In DAM I have to import photos daily 5-10 or more times, and as much often I have to rescan folders (because of adding/removing/renaming Windows folders). This is a little bit boring. :/


Is it possible to have DAM "Folder" that works same as folders in Windows explorer or in a "Bridge". I.e.: that you have a real state, actual view of HD/folders, without permanent importing/rescaning.


Perhaps as an option: "Automatically add new files and delete orphans"?


Thank You.

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Do You mean, that option "auto rescan folder" exist already ? Where ?

And what does it mean "hitten" ?



Hello, sorry I wrote "hittin" but I ment hitting / clicking.


That was my mistake the Server Version has this already. You can activate it my making a right click with your mouse to the folder you want to rescan and click with your left mouse button on "Auto Rescan Folder". Sadly this option is only available inside Daminion Server.



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