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RAW Files without preview image


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Currently I can't see the picture / preview image from Canon CR2 and DNG files (5Dmk2, 5Dmk3, 40D, G11, G1x)

in one Server Catalog. The other catalogs shows all RAW files correctly.


Thanks in advance - Wolf


Hello Wolf,

can't reproduce the issue on my Server!

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News here:

it works if:

disabling all catalogs but catalog 001

open catalog 001 in daminion

close daminion

disable 001 enable 002

open daminion 002


after enabling each catalog solely and opening it "fixes" the provlem obviously. Now I can open all my catalogs and all RAWs are visible. But without reproducing it or finding something systematic I may have had a constellation, that the RAW's previews hasn't been created....


BUT: the metadata is missing anyhow (at least picture and camera settings)


Does this help while debugging?

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Thanks for the information. I was able to reproduce the issue.

Great! Thanks.

do you see a chance to fix it?

But one thing is missing however: the metadata is missing at the initial scan (when the thumbs wil be created). when I choose "sync" -> "reat tags from file" they will be added to the preview.... aaah - NO - not reproducable. Tried it with several files (selecting them and reading the metadata) and sometimes it worked and sometimes not. And sometimes the meta for the previous selection was added .... ?!?!?

...and even more information for you:

rotating a selected pict without meta using F3 results in a "not-rotated" full screen picture. Doing this with a pict WITH meta, the full screen is fine too....

So it seems so, that the meta is invisible for Daminion then.





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