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[1115] bug report - rescanning is not working properly


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Hey Murat,

got another issue.


When hitting rescan (F6) for a folder which already has 195 files, where I added 36 files, Daminion shows me "560 files to scan".


After about an hour the number changed to "480 files to scan" and than some time later to over 500 again.







log filees inside the dropbox folder

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I have a similar problem:

while rescanning a folder, Daminion didn't work anymore at all:

- no previews are being generated anymore

- no pictures will be rendered in full res anymore

- the rescanning counter sticks and doesn't proceed....

- cancelling the rescan doesn't work either


when closing Daminion it doesn't end regularly - it crashes ("....stops working...")


This behaviour is very regular....


BTW: same behaviour with sync-ing metadata.


When scanning or syncing the full screen view won't wotk either. It's rendering the picture but after rendering it stays in the preview resolution ("JPEG preview size 400x300").

Correction: now it stalls completely: the full screen pictures is even worse with no preview information in the upper left corner....


So rescanning and syncing doesn't really work for me....




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