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Insert/edit Metadata via checkbox


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Yep. That's possible. Right click on the Tags's tree and check the 'Switch to "Assign Tags" mode'. After that you will be able to assign tags on the left panel via the checkboxes


Thank you Murat. I found a weird behavior.


- If I assign a tag via checkbox (Assign Tags Mode) and quickly click "Action->Write tag to files" within 2 seconds, it won't save tag.

- but if I assign tag, and wait 5 seconds before clicking Write, it will save tags.

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This is the feature, not the bug :)


There is the 5 sec time delay after assigning files to a tag on the Tag Tree. It allows you to avoid displaying the tag assigning progress after each tag assignment (if you assign a number of files to a series of tags, one by one). And assign multiple files to multiple tags at once.

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