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Build 1048 - How to update Description when updated via Exiftool


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I have about 1500 pictures that were already in Daminion that I needed to update the Description field. Instead of doing them a few at a time in Dominion, I created a CSV file and used Exiftool to update this Description field via the command line.


I have not been able to get Daminion to recognize the changes.


I have tried clicking on the "Show Un-Synced Files" menu item thinking it might show a list of the files that had different data. Nothing was displayed.


I then clicked on a folder that had updated files, selected all of the files in the middle thumbnail preview, and then selected "Read Tags from File." This also did not update the Description.


I then deleted the folder, had Daminion remove the files from the catalog, and then rescanned the folder. The old descriptions came back.


The only way I could get Daminion to see the updated Description field was to delete old data from the file using ExifToolGUI. I emptied the XMP:Description filed and then had Daminion read the tag data and then it found the new data.


Here is an example of the CSV file that I used:



d:/backups/photos/1997/canon_elan/roll007/1997.10.01_-_img_0150.jpg,Halloween at the YMCA,

d:/backups/photos/1997/canon_elan/roll007/1997.10.01_-_img_0151.jpg,Halloween at the YMCA,


The field that I updated via exiftool would be the Exif:ImageDescription field.


Is there a better way to get Daminion to recognize data changes in the file?


Should I be updating multiple fields in the photos when using Exiftool?




Frank Hahn

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Hello Frank


Daminion reads Description from multiple metadata fields according to the below list:

  • XMP:DC:Description
  • IPTC:Caption
  • EXIF:ImageDescription


More info here


So you need to update the XMP:DC:Description field to update the file description by "Read Tags from File" or "Rescan Folders" command.


Please take into account that the "Import from CSV" command works for newly importing files only. It will not update your tags if the files are already existed in your catalog.

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