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PDF tags not written in file


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I looked out for a tool to sort files which is compatible with the "normal" windows explorer tags and I found daminion :)

I imported some PDFs and the tags from the explorer were recognized. I tried to change them and "write it back to file", it looks that daminion is doing something but the new tags are not shown in the windows explorer. The file is not opened in another application.

You can see that I did in the Screenshot. The tag "test" is not shown in the explorer and not in adobe reader.

What is my mistake?


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Unfortunatelly the Adobe XMP Toolkit library version that we use to update XMP in a range of media formats is unable to update XMP in the PDF documents.


You can optionally configure the ExifTool from the command line and launch it from the Open With window.

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I have been using PDF-xchange viewer for years, but since "it uses the proprietary PDF processing libraries and it's not obvious whether it resaves the hole PDF document or updates the XMP block only", it seems obvious to me that this non-transparent mechanism can not be used in Daminion. (Unless the developers of that viewer become interested of a kind of cooperation and make an open source plugin.)

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Resaving the hole document might damage a document if the old version of the processing library tries to handle a modern PDF version or due to some bugs in the library or due to any other reasons when updating the document.


We work with the metadata only if there is a way to directly handle the metadata block without touching the actual document data.

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