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Feature Request: Export as csv – custom reports


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I am a recent convert to Daminion at home, it has been a great product so far, keep up the good work.


Currently I am evaluating Daminion for use in a scientific research organisation. So far it is looking very promising.


This organisation also wish to extract exif data out of Daminion for analysis, as they use camera traps that take thousands of photos.


When exporting exif data from Daminion (using Export to csv) on the Export to csv window you can choose All, None or make a custom selection. Can a future version allow custom fields selections to be stored and used as a Report?


The exported data is used in Excel, but only certain fields are required. So being able to save the Report would be a time saver. It also ensures consistency in the data being exported. Thanks.





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Could you please explain in details what do you mean by this sentence:

"Can a future version allow custom fields selections to be stored and used as a Report?"


Hey Murat, I guess he means that he wants to have more flexibility while exporting. right now, you have just very limited like "keep all", "remvove all" or "copyrights only".


He would prefere to have custom tags to be inclued and some maybe excluded.


I actually requested some time ago, to be able to choose exacly what information to export. Or maybe even changing information while exporting.

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When you export to csv you can choose All fields to export or None. If you choose None you then make a selection of what fields to export. I want to be able to save any custom selection.


Sorry about the delay I have been in the Australian Outback and then could not log on. Had to create new ID in the end.



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