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Window pane mismatch (1049)


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A small aesthetic (and also little functional) bug in Daminions window panes.


When I start Daminion with:

– Catalog Tags,

– Thumbnails,

– Tray and

– Map


Then I close the map, the thumbnails widens and "takes over" the space taken by the map. If now I iconize Daminion or resize the window, the Properties pane enlarges and leaves only a narrow strip of the thumbnails.



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Not sure this is the same situation and/or cause:

Usually, I have the map closed. So the properties panel occupies the right pane completely, When I close the properties panel, the thumbnail view does not cover the complete window. Instead an space shows an the right of it. Resizing of the pane is limited and cannot cover the empty space on the right.

However, if I close Daminion now and start it again (without re-opening the properties panel) the thumbnail view covers the whole area in the right of the Catalog Tags.

And this point, another nasty behavior annoys me:

After selecting an image and opening the Properties Panel (Ctrl-D or via menu) it says on top "no files selected" and the pane stays empty. Only after clicking a different image, the properties appear and I can click the first image again to see the tags assigned to it.

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