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Cannot Check In files


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I just bought the server version 3.0.994 and am using a shared catalog over the network as 1 user. I have been having trouble checking files back in. When I use exiftool to write the filename to the title field, and if I do the Read Tags from FIle before checking in, the file remains checked out and locked and nothing can be done to it. I cant' check it back in, nor remove it from catalog, nor do anything with it. I would have to delete the whole folder from the catalog and reimport.


This locking of the checkin also happens if there was some error using the exiftool like when a long file name is written to the title field.


How do I get the locked files checked back in? That Checkin button is greyed out. I can't do anything with this catalogued item.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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BeVegan, a small improvement to your workflow: you can assign Filename to your image title via the Daminion:

- Select an image in the Daminion Thumbnail View

- Open the Window > Assign Tag Preset window

- Select the Title key and write in the "%filename" without quotes

- Click on the "Assign to Selected Items" button


This works much faster than using the ExifTool.

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Thanks Rene.. Thanks Murat. That workflow is much faster. I had to do 2 steps before with exiftool and then Read Tags from File. Your way does it all in one step. Great.


For the problem I first posted, I just fought through the problem by deleting whole folders (sometimes thousands of pictures) just to get rid of 1 that was stuck in the Checked Out stage and not able to be checked in. The deleting and reimporting fixed it.


I installed the new version but since I have already finished doing the above exiftool work, I don't know if there are anymore problems with the latest beta on this issue.


Thanks for the help though.

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