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1006 - Copy / Paste Tags


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The "Copy Tags/Paste Tags" function flattens all hierarchical Keyword Tags in the destination item. E.g. "Level01|Level02|Level03" of the source item becomes to "Level01-Level02-Level03" in the destination item.


The same with the Places Tags: all values of the Places Tags of the source item are now only in the Country Tag of the destination item like: "Country-State-City-Location-%7jnbapuim4$lwk`078d5025-ea70-4651-b01b-ca19e30ce978".

I don't know the meaning of "-%7jnbapuim4$lwk`078d5025-ea70-4651-b01b-ca19e30ce978"


It happens when the source item is: JPG, TIF, PNG (not tested other formats), but not from DNG to any other format.

I send the recorded video to you by email.


Restart of client and server doesn't help. Reset of the Setting not yet done. maybe you are interested to see it via TV session.


Regards, Uwe

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Unfortunatelly we can't reproduce this issue on 2 computers in our office. I've tried to reproduce it on our test serber by restoring from your old backup (2014-04-22) but without luck.


Could you please select an item, invoke "Copy Tags" command and on the appeared window press the "Save as Tag Preset" button.


Then please try to apply this newly created tag preset to the next item and please also send the folder with your setting files (Ctrl + F12). If this info will not help we can arrange a remote session.

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