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We just purchased the Server edition and have been impressed with many of the features and capabilities. I have a number of things I would like to suggest for future releases if possible. I will separate them in different posts for focus.


This feature would allow drop down boxes for fields that can have multiple values. For instance, I could create a custom field LANGUAGE and have a drop down box with the choices I could select. We have over 60 languages we are working with and some of the spelling is difficult. Such a feature would be convenient as well as promoting accuracy and consistency. The drop-down boxes could also be available for standardized fields such as category or author.

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Did you check one of the checkboxes when created the Language custom tag?


Selecting any of these options will place your tag into the Tags tree and you can see the drop drown list for this tag with tag suggestions in the right panel. To invoke this list you need to do one of the following actions:


- Double click on the Language text box. The list recently assigned languages will be displayed. If no language was assigned before you will see the list of the first 10 languages

- Select the Language textbox and press Alt + Down Arrow key

- Start type the first letter of your language


We plan to add a new "Can be Edit by Admin only" option to the tags tree that can be applied for individual tags.


For example if you'll check this option for the Language tag then only admin will be responsible for editing taxonomy of this tag. Users with the Editor role can assign Languages to items only from an existing list of available languages.

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Hi again,


This may be a bug or a feature that needs to be ironed out a bit more.


If I double click (or ALT-down arrow) in a blank multi-value field I can get up to nine suggestions but no scroll bar to check for more, even though more matches may exist. On the other hand if I start typing a word I can get more than nine suggestions with the scroll bar.


It would be good to double click or ALT-down and have every possible entry come up as a suggestion. Another possible improvement would be a drop-down arrow beside the field rather than having to double click.



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