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994 - export DNG to TIF


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see the screenshot please. The original DNG file, the TIF created by Daminion export (F7 - TIF-Original Size) and exported by XnViewMP. Why does Daminion reduce the dimension of the TIF file compared to the original file?


Regards, Uwe

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Daminion uses built-in JPEG images when exporting RAW images. Because this is the only way to preserve the color adjustments that you did in your RAW editor. Your DNG image was saved using the medium-res JPEG preview, and thus the resulted TIFF image has smaller dimension.


Although XNView exported your DNG to TIFF preserving the original image size, you can see that this image looks differentely while the TIFF created by Daminion is identical to the original DNG image.


I suggest you to adjust your DNG Converter or RAW Editor so it can store full-size JPEG previews inside your DNG images. It will not drastically impact on the file size while you will get better results when viewing or exporing your DNG images.

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