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[983] bug report - folder structure is shown twice


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Hey Murat,

got another bug report. Aftter I imported some pictures yesterday I got this strange view of the folders:




Just one of the new imported files is been shown under the new folder view (second one)






René Schildt

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Unfortunately some "wrong" folders should be fixed manually via Relink Folder feature.


How do I do that?


the wrong folder do I ssimply enter "E:" in order to get back from "E:\" to "E:\"?


see the picture




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I removed the files from the folder list and did a complete rescan and the folder appeared again but the photos from my last trip have not been imported, eventhough they have been imported prior to deleting the strange folders

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just installed 988.


I deleded new folder and than hit rescan again. let's see.


Remote Access won't work right now, since I'm online only with GPRS, due to some mistakes with our internet provider full speed will be available at the end of this month

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