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Feature request - "Ctrl + +" / "Ctrl + -" to increase or reduce thumbnail size


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When focus is on thumbnail view or in Tray window, it would be nice to add "Ctrl + +" and "Ctrl + -" for increasing and decreasing thumbnail size. (Same shortcuts as you can find in web browser or others softwares)


This could be an alternative when vertical right slider thumbnail size is not displayed. (Windows height too small or under 200px.)


This is related to this topic.




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In latest build 1213, I wondered why Ctrl + and Ctrl - was not available in thumbnail display and also in Tray display.



While digging in forum, I remembered of this post.


Would be nice when a thumbnail is selected in thumbnail window to increase or decrease thumbnail size with Ctrl + and Ctrl -


Also in Tray, same behaviour when a thumbnail is selected.

This will also partially solve this issue.



This feature is quite usefull (and faster) for those who use a laptop without mouse.



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