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one file multiple custom tags


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I think you didn't checked the "Multiple tag values can be assigned to the same file" option when you created the custom tag.

Unfortunatelly we can't edit a custom tag's setting (I think it's a mistake), so you have to create a new custom tag with similar name.


I had to recreate a lot of custom tags at the first times, it was really annoying. So I deleted every tag information from all of the files, and started over the whole thing.

Since then I'm always checking the "Multiple tag values can be assigned to the same file" and "Tag values can be hierarchical" and use Text format when I'm creating a new custom tag. This way the custom tag will be enough flexible, if I need to change something.

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Tags on the left panel and those ones that are not visible on the left panel (title, image dimension, etc...) are stored differently in the database. And it's hard to change tag type later (for example string to integer).


3 checkboxes on the Create Custom Tag window reflect on whether we should to display it on the left panel or no and to selecting a tag storage scheme.


This is why you should carefully select new custom tag options.

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