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932 - Viewer - user management


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a user logged in as "Viewer" can't start a media player to watch a video (e.g. MP4 is assigned to WMP) or any other external program to read documents or listen music (PDF, DOC(x), WAV, MP3 ...).

My question: Should this to be possible because this is/can be the equivalent to the full screen view of a photo?

Is it possible to call the media player(s)/external programs in a read-only mode, the PDF reader, PPT-Viewer ...?. Wether this is possible, Daminion needs an extension of the user management for "Viewer" to assign file types to external "reader" programs (DOC-Viewer, PPT-Viewer etc.) or to call them in "read-only" mode.

I know, that Daminion loses the control when the external program is started but what is the alternative - to have internal player in Daminion? I guess this is not possible because of the number of different formats. Not to forget the formats added by the Import Settings.

It's not a problem with images but Daminion is more than an image management program.

What do you think about?


Regards, Uwe


Update: an option can be to work with a temporary copy of the file but this generates performance problems.

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The purpose of the Viewer role is to prevent damaging your content from some users. If you'll launch an external program via Daminion we can't control third-party applications (as you said above) from changing or deleting the opened files. Audio and Video Players are just some kind of applications, another ones are Audio and Video editors that a user with Viewer role can use to damage your files (probably accidentally).


There are too many programs to launch each of them in the Readonly mode while most of the them don't support readonly mode (or can be launched in this mode from the command line) and track their new versions.


Uwe, your is actual but I don't see a simple solution to solve now beside giving your user another role, like Editor. :unknw:


Internal Audio and Video player will partially solve this issue.

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