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Feature request - Create a folder (not a sub folder)


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It would be nice to have a command like "Create a Folder".

This would avoid to go on top of folder tree and use "Create a sub folder".


"Create a folder" would be faster than to scroll on top of folder tree. (Specially when you look for a folder starting with "W" letter.)




Would be nice also to add short cut to these actions. (Ins and Ctrl+Ins for these)

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Hi Kalain,


I thought I had a TON of folders - but you have WAY more than me. It looks like they each only hold a handful of images.


There might be a better way to organize your files - with the power of Categories and other Daminion features, I'm finding less need for folders, actually.



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In this catalog, it's about technical documentation, mostly pdf files and I do not use exclusively Daminion to search tech docs. I use also Explorer (win), so one folder by manufacturer.

Daminion is used to search tech doc by products. (keywords)


Any way, with photos catalog the problem is the same, even with less folder it would be usefull to have "Create folder" avoiding to find and browse up to parent folder.

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+1, but I think we need "Create folder at same level", so we could create parent folders in deeper of the structure. It would be a good function, I like such comfort features, these little things really can spare a lot of time if we add them together at the end of the day. :)

By the way, I have only photos, but still a lot of folders. I need the good folder structure beside Daminion's tag structure, because I often have to copy files in Total Commander.

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