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932 - Publishing Service


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there is the following situation: JPG photos were published with settings: JPG 2000x2000px.

They were transferred to the Dropbox folder on the disc and published via Dropbox.

Then I had to change the settings to: Original file because another file (DNG) had to be added to the same Publishing Service - and forgot to reset the settings to JPG 2000x2000px.

Then I had so remove and delete items/files from catalog. I've selected the folder and removed/deleted the items/files in the folder (not the JPGs that are assigned to the Publishing Service).

The result of this action was: the synchronisation of the Publishing Service started in the background and all files of this selected folder which are assigned to the Publishing service were transferred again to the Dropbox folder on the disc and to Dropbox but now with the settings: Original file. Now I have duplicate files in the Dropbox: one JPG with 2000X2000px and one with the original size.

Any idea how one can avoid such a situation - different Publishing Services related to the settings? But how to bring them together in the Dropbox in one link or one folder?


Regards, Uwe

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If you'll check the Dropbox sub-item (folder) in the tags tree, right click and navigate to the "Remove 'ADropboxSubfolder' from selected files - all your files will be removed from this selected dropbox folder.


Now you can drag them back again to the same 'ADropboxSubfolder' to export images with a selected transformation preset.

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