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930 - DateTime Original is not used by Rescan Folders or Read Tags from File


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when I change the "Creation DateTime" in the Properties Panel the Metadata "DateTime Original" in the file is adjusted.

I did the same with the ExifTool but neither Rescan Folders nor Read Tags from File reads the adjusted data. Not even a restart of the client or the database helps.

So it seems that Daminion doesn't use the metadata DateTime Original in theses actions.


Regards, Uwe

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Hi Murat,


yes, it is changed to the date and time of the adjustment by the ExifTool. The video (Daminion_930_DateTimeOriginal.wmv) is in my FTP folder.


Regards, Uwe


Update: I've removed the adjusted item from catalog. Then I imported it again by rescan folders. Also in this case the DateTime Original is not used by Daminion.

What metadata date does Daminion use?

I used this ExifTool command:


Now I get the adjusted date and time. Conclusion: Daminion uses either the Exif Create Date or the XMP DateCreated

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