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[911] feature request - export to Desktop Background


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I have an exporter working now that sets an image as the desktop wallpaper. I still need to add a little UI so you can select Tiled, Centered, or Stretched mode, but I am out of time tonight. Hopefully I can post the completed export for you shortly.


thanks Randall! that's so kind of you!

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Here is a first pass at an Exporter that will set the Windows wallpaper. I have tried to accommodate all Windows versions from XP to 8.1 based on documentation, but I only have Daminion installed on Windows 7 for testing. The UI is hardcoded in English at this time.


To install this exporter, unzip the DLL from this zip file into the Addons folder under the Daminion directory, [Program Files]\Daminion Software\Daminion by default, and restart Daminion. The Export flyout menu should now contain an entry "Set Desktop Wallpaper"


You use this like any other Daminion exporter, except you only want to have one file selected (if you have more than one, the last one wins). It should default to "Full size JPEG" as the export option. You can change this, but if you use the "Export Original File(s)" option it will not work if Windows cannot handle the original file format (e.g. raw files, DNG, etc.).


You can select the wallpaper mode using the dropdown. These modes are the same ones supported by Windows. XP and Vista will only have "Stretch", "Tile", and "Center" in the list. Windows 7 and above will also have "Fit" and "Fill". The mode defaults to "Fill" if it is available and "Center" otherwise.


Please try this out and let me know if it works for you. If anyone has problems, please let me know what version of Windows you are running. One important note is that you must have permission to edit the Registry for this exporter to work (or to use Windows itself to set the wallpaper). If you are running as an account that does not have this permission, this exporter will not work.


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Hey Randall,

I tried it and it works, great, thank you!




You made an awesome work.


It would be nice to have those addons on a subpage of the website or even be able to download it automaticaly into Daminion.



The only thing I would like to see is, that after installing one plugin on the server, it should be available on the other clients as well



again, great work

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I am glad it worked for you the first time! I am already enjoying using it myself; this was a great idea on your part. I know how to manually set an image to be my wallpaper, but I never make the effort to do that. Having it this easy in Daminion removes that friction, so now I am actually setting my own pictures to be my wallpaper.


I am afraid I cannot help with your other suggestions, though I hereby grant Daminion permission to move this exporter into a special location if one exists. I know that another test exporter I made is pinned in the Daminion forum, so maybe that is how they want to handle it for now. Also, if anyone wants to localize this, I will gladly send them the source code so they can do so.

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