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thoughts about geotagging for pictures


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Hey Folks,


i just had the idea of extending the map functionality! Not sure if it works though.





I want Daminion to go into Google and search for Pictures, e.g. I have a Picture of Notre Dam in my Daminion, no I ask Daminion to find the geotag and Daminion searches the streetview Archive and find the exact spot, and tags it.





What do you think, would that be possible?








thanks rene!




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Hey murat, well I it depends.


Well when I first assigned the Place Tag it could search for that on google and see ok, near that place the streetview looks like thatso the picture in my database might be here or here.


Take your russian address into google maps and hit the yellow men and release it somewhere over the map.

russian adress


When you do that in China and move the yellow man to the map you'll only see small frames which are single pictures

chinese address


I hope this helps.


In the end daminion should not write those tags into the files or xmp files but ask me in somekind of tag to accept the geotags

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