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Cannot Copy Export Error Log


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During a large export, if certain files failed to export, there is a 'Something happened, these files could not be exported'.


This Log cannot be copied or saved as a text file or spreadsheet, although it is a neat table. Taking screenshots is the only solution. Because it is prevents access to the main daminion interface until one clicks close, there is no easy way to look into the individual files.


Proposed Solution(s):


Add a Save Error Log button, to save as csv or excel or text.


Add a Show files in catalog button, which would filter the catalog to a view of the erroneous images.


Add a Verbose mode, where the exact issue with each file is shown beside the error table. 'Something happened, is humorous but ineffective' Or one could come up with 'Something Happened Codes' SH-0001 ... With a list of code meanings in the help file.


Thanks in advance.

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Hey Murat,


I created a Topic very similar to this one as well. It would be nice if Daminion would Show me These files in Daminion, e.g. saved searches. So i can check whats wrong with them and try it again without exporting them all once again.




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