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[911] Bug Report - Export takes very long, drops files and creates gray files


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Hey Murat,

found a bug and an improvement suggestion for the Export feaure.



I was exporting 1747 files on my Client Software on my Laptop. The export was running smoothly but in the end there where only 391 files in the exported folder. (4 or 5 files where grey)


the second export was going pretty smoothly as well. 891 files and some grey files.



So I did it on my Server with the Client Software, the export went good. 1741 files where exported. 5 grey files.


So i did that again on the Server. I told Daminion to Skipp all filles, that are existing. THe Process takes a lot of time, eventhough in the end there must only be 11 files to be exported. (about 26 mintues and counting. still 22 to go)


The last export is done, but I'm still missing some files.


So I got to the conclusion, Daminion should check what files are available much faster than it does it totday.


Furtheremore Daminion should reload all Thumbnails, to stop the grey files and why does Daminion drop files while exporting?




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OK, I did it again today. A lot of Errors.


So I devied it into 3 export parts.


export 1 (700 files) worked pretty good,, just one files missing, when exporting this one again there was no problem.

export 2 (400 files) worked pretty good as well (2 missing files)

export 3 (680 files) worked not that good the below.


export 3 error message:

Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
  bei PicaJet.Daminion.ImageProcessing.ImageProcessor.Action_RotateImage(Object ieImage, RenderInfo renderInfo, IEnumerable`1 catalogTags) in c:\DaminionAuto\Code\MediaProcessor\ImageProcessor\ImageProcessor.cs:Zeile 1357.
  bei PicaJet.Daminion.MediaProcessing.TransformationEngine.TransformFile(MediaProcessingEngine engine, String fileRef, ActionSetParams _params, RotateAngle rotateAngle, IEnumerable`1 catalogTags)


approx. 100 files with that error

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So the pictures, that have been exported, are sometime not properly alligned. In Daminion they are upright, but in Windows they are lying on their site.


Now I know that Photoshop is sometimes not saving the orientation in the images, but Daminion shows them the right way after me correcting it, so Daminion should write that into the file right?

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