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Daminion for iPad and iPhone - When?


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With iFunbox you can simply copy the images to your iPad's photo library via usb or wi-fi (so you could do it, too, and i'm sure that there is no need for itunes for that either, because in example comicrack is syncing with its ipad app without itunes via wi-fi, i'm sure there is a usable api for this solution), and there is no need for unnecessary and much more slower uploading to dropbox.

But a normal app, which René requested, would be way better, so +1.

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I know it can be done on other ways.


I don't want to export the pictures and upload them in order for the ipad to download every singe picture.


I can take other Software like uploading via batch to my idevices via browser interface, but I need to export first in order to be able to do that.


So a native iOS app, just like browsing. Would be awesome. Because e.g. I'm sitting in front of the television I can simply browse through my database.


I would create this app, but I have no clue on how to program iOS Apps.

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By the way, a lot of comic reader is working with the same logic, upload it to dropbox and download it in the app. I really don't understand why upload something to the internet when i have the pc and the tablet here locally.

Okay, i guess there are gigabits in a lot of places, but i think there are still normal net speeds in a lot of households, which is a little slow for this technique.

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Hey Mammut, you are right.


But for ebooks, it works pretty good, but for pictures not that good.


It works pretty well, when you want to upload a few selected pictures, uploading the whole database would kill every ipad.


I want this native iOS Software becuase I can browse my Pictures and than decide to save some of them directly out of daminion ios into a album on my ios device

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A light-weight web-client (search and view only) can be avaiable in the future.


But writing a native mobile application is required too many efforts and time that we don't have now. Too many new features and improvements should be done with the current Windows based Daminion version in the next year.

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