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[911] Bug Report - Daminion does not show pictures


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Hey folks,

got a huge problem. I need to create some photobooks, therefore I need Daminon.



When I'm opening a folder of pictures, I see the correct thumbnail, when I'm opening it, the correct picture is shown. as soon as the picture is loaded, it changes from the correct one to white.


When I update the Thumbnail, it can't be shown anymore, eventhough at first there was the right one.


And on some thumbnails I see this picture:




I need to search through 5000 pictures for 4 photobooks this upcoming week.

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Does the problem is related to TIFF files only?


Does the issue disappear after applying the "Item > Update Thumbnail" command?



Hey Murat,

yes this appears on tiff files only.


The white full view appears after opening them. Before and after updataing thumbnails.


Something new.


I just got back home and right now, Daminion is loading the tiff files without the white window, but it stays unsharp, so it isn't fully loaded



btw. I guess it is not related to the server, since I can import these pictures in a local catalog on my laptop and everything works. So it must be related to Damnion or the SQL Server.

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