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[911] Bug Report - Video files do not work anymore


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Hey Murat,

yet another Bug Report.


Yesterday I made the Videos working with Daminion 909. Now after upgrading to Daminion 911 can get them to start.


I always get the message, that the file is offline or missing.





thanks, rené!

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Hey Murat,

after another restart it is working again. I did an restart earlier, so I thought it must be a problem of Daminion.



Sorry for that.



But as you mentioned in the skype talk a streaming client would be awesome. Currently I have the Software TVersity Pro installed.


The positive thing of that Softwrae is, that it can Transcode Videos on the Fly and that I can access Hulu.com when I'm connected to my US american VPN Service.


So if Daminion would be able to do that, maybe just as an option to activate or deactivate) it would be great siince I do not need so many services running on my server. amd using the upnp standard to stream etc.




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