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910 - wrong parallel import


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local catalog, standalone client, Daminion 910

I've started an import from source folders "Daminion_upload_Folder_01" (103 JPG files) and additionally another import from "Daminion_Upload_Folder_02" (833 JPG, 14 MOV, 7 XMP and 1 PNG file(s) = 848 files, the XMP are not counted). Total number of files should be for import = 951 but it is 1799.


1. At first I didn't understand the total number of 1799. Here the explanation:

1.1 The first started import from "Daminion_Upload\Folder_01" creates the new destination folders (incl. subfolders) on disk "Folder_01\2013\2013_10\2013_10_dd" for the 103 JPG files --> ok

1.2 The second started import from "Daminion_Upload\Folder_02" creates the new destination folders (incl. subfolders) on disk "Folder_02\2013\2013_10\2013_10_dd" for the 848 files --> ok

1.3. Additionally the folder "Daminion_Upload\Folder_02" is in the catalog with the same 848 items as already imported in folder "Folder_02\2013\2013_10\2013_10_dd".

Conclusion: 103 + 848 + 848 = 1799 --> not ok.


2. The remaining time belongs to the first started import and disappears when the first started import is finished.

The status information of the remaining second import: current counter and total numer of files to import (in this case 1799) --> not ok. Daminion shows the total number of files that have to be imported than I would like to see the total remaining time too.

The better solution is a detailled information of all current activities as described in a feature request in the forum.


Regards, Uwe

Greatings from an 8-weeks trip in Australia

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