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[909] feature request - when selecting a picture move map to point on map


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Implemented? Where it is? How to turn it on?


There is only one Map in the Daminion now, and it can be displayed via "Window > Map" menu.



To Rene: as you noticed on the screenshot above - we added a new menu option to the Map control "Display Found Images Only". This option helps you to remove your HDR or Panoramic photos sources from the Map:


You need to mark your master photos (HDR or Panoramic) with a tag, let's say an appropriate Color Label, then check this label so only master files will be displayed in the thumbnails area. Now, with checked "Display Found Images Only" menu option in the Map window only GPS markers of the master photos will be displayed in the Map window.

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thanks Murat,

Can I use a Custom tag as well? Since I use the Color Labels for ordering and website upload.


Maybe you could give me a small video I simply don't get it.


It would be great to hide some files (source files) after tagging them with the custom tags:

- Source files

- Panoramic Source files

- HDR Source files


So they are not showing up in the place tag nor in the map without telling daminion each time not to show them

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Hey Murat, thanks.


Just tried to create a custom tag, ran into problems though.


I created a Tag called HDR Source files, but realized I can't create tags with a checkbox. I can simply create one acting like the "Collections" tag, but this I can't write in it.


Another thing.


I have all source files marked in "collections", so if it would be possible to hide collections that would be great for me as well.


Furthermore it would be awesome as mentioned earlier to have them visible only to admins and not to every user and to hide them at all, so they would only appear after allowing that

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