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[905]-[911] Bug Report - Timedifference between Server and Workstation


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Hey Murat,

today I was trying to connect my father Laptop to Daminion again. It never worked, do you remember, some problems because of the Company Domain the Laptop is in, eventhough it is working without any problems in our Homenetwork.



It was always telling me the Username and Password where incorrect, you saw it for yourself while a TV-Session. Today it did the same, than I updated manually to 905 and I got an error saying there is a timedifference between the Server and the Workstation, which is not true, see the images.


I tried it once with the firewall on



and once with the firewall powerd off



firewall settings for Daminion:





thanks, rené!


Still appearing.

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ok, an update today.


Because Daminion wasn't working with the comany domain, which I don't realy need, I decided to remove it, but before I did that I logged in to the local account and copied all files to the new account in order to secure them. The local account wasn't able to connect, timedifference. And actually there was a difference just by a few minutes. I changed that, and it workes in both accounts.


The domain account had no timedifference though.

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