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Hi, I'm doing a trial to see how well I can get Daminion Server to work in a multi-site environment.


I have a WAN link between my home and office.


At home I have a NAS with all my photos



At the office I have a similar NAS with the same name and path to the photos

\\QNAP\Photos. These are replicated so the contents of both locations are identical.


I have installed the Daminion Server on a server at the office and ingested the photo collection, leaving the photos in their location on the NAS.


I find that I can open the shared catalog at either location and it works. Catalog viewing works slower at home but it's fast enough to be useable.


The real surprise comes when I double-click a photo to open it full-screen. At the office it opens in a second or so, but at home it takes absolutely forever. This surprises me because whether at the office or at home I expected the image to load from the local NAS because it is referenced via \\qnap\photos. Instead it appears that the image is being transferring from the server.


Is there something I have overlooked, or anything I need to change to make this work ?




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How do you connect to your Daminion Server from your Home PC?

By its LAN IP address


Do you use your server IP address or the server Name?

Which file is opened after invoking the "Item > Locate in Explorer" command?


The file on the local (home) NAS. I verified this by copying the file from the explorer window to the desktop and noting the almost instantaneous transfer.

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I tried to arrange a similar environment using VPN connection, but can't reproduce the issue on my side. Does it possible to give me a remote access to your PC via TeamViewer?


Hi Murat, Just confirmed that this behaviour is still occurring in 2.0 build 911. Do you still want to have a look ? I can setup a remote session if you wish.



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Hi Steve! Unfortunately if you'll select a thumbnail in your Daminion Client with reference to a local file, and then double click it - Daminion Server doesn't pass a link for this file to your Daminion Client.


Instead it generates a JPEG preview for a file and passes this JPEG preview to the Daminion Client as an array of bytes (technically speaking). In case of original JPEG files, it resent the hole image without decoding.



- Because there are a lot of different media formats which can be recognized by the Daminion Server.

- To decrease the traffic between client and server and improve the full screen performance


This is why you should wait until Daminion Server reads and sends the JPEG preview to your client.


Possible solutions in your case are:

1. Check your WAN speed. How fast you can copy a 100 MB test files from your office PC to your Home PC?

2. Migrate to Daminion Standalone version. You can store and sync 2 Daminion local catalogs along with your NAS images

3. You can view your thumbnails by external viewers, for example FastStone. You can just press the V key to view a selected thumbnail using an external viewer. However it's not convenient to view a set of images by this way.

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Hey Steve,

how do you connect the networks?


I suggest you to install to Fritzboxes from AVM. Like the 7390 or the 7490 and connect both networks via a VPN Connection, than you could even work with one Server Computer and one license.


At work yoou would have access to the printers and all other network appliances at home and the other way arround.


for more questions just contact me

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