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feature request - database takeaway


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Hey Murat,


since I probably go back to Shanghai and since there is no real remote access to the Database I will take a copy of the Harddrive with me and use it there with the Free Version. Therefore it would be great, to be able to use more files in the free version. I guess you could do something with licences there as well, e.g. everybody who owns a server licence get's a client licence as well.


And not sure if this is possible:


I will be away from home for a few days, since I got time in the evening, I would like to tag pictures, but I can't make a copy of the complete database and take it with me for a few days, and than copy it back and read tags from files. It would be nice to have a Solution in Daminion Server to make a copy of Daminion Files, with all the tags, fully fitted to my Laptop screen. That wouldn't take that much space and I could have it with me, and e.g. show friends some pictures. Professional Photographers could use that to present some examples of their work on scene.



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