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Versioning in Daminion


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I'm taking a look at Daminion (single user) as an alternative to Photo Supreme (and earlier Idimager Pro). I like the aspect of Daminion of only focusing on data management with a clean interface and not trying to be an image editor in any significant way. My question has to do with a strategy for dealing with versions of a particular image. I have looked at the ability to check-out/in images and annotate changes, but haven't found an ability to group related images together as you can with Photo Supreme. This is handy as a single raw file/in camera jpg can spawn a number of different versions of this image. I can't find this type of capability in Daminion so assume 1) I just haven't found it, 2) it's not part of the product concept, or 3) it's a planned feature yet to be released.


Assuming it's currently not present, what would be a reasonable strategy to create some sort of organization of related images (i.e. folder structure, etc). It seems like keywording would be possible, but you'd end up with a huge number of keywords if trying to keep them unique to a specific image.

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Probably just a terminology difference. Without knowing the details of "sets" in Daminion, I could imagine it's the same concept as Photo Supreme/Idimager "versions". Simply a convenient way of grouping together all images derived from the same starting point. When you're looking at a group of images, you only see one of the images from the set at the forefront with the other images which are part of the set stacked behind it. For example, the "seed" image might be a RAW file from which you develop other images for specialty purposes (e.g. Photoshop, JPG, email-sized, web-sized...). Any categories/keywords/location data etc. applied to one image is applied to all the images part of that set.


Having this in Daminion would be great, and even better would be a way of "checking out" an image for editing, and returning another file derived from the checked out version which is automatically added to the set with all category/keyword type metadata applied to the newly created file.

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We plan to add two features into Daminion:


1. Stacks.

2. Versions, like "Original RAWs", "for Web", "for Print", etc...


Based on the ideas in this discussion probably it would make sense to join these features. :mda:


But we didn't investigated into this question in details yet.

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to join both function will be great. In this way the "Stack" is the "shell" around all single items which belong to the "Stack" and in this "Stack" I have different attributes to explain how the single items belong together. E.g.

- HDR_Stack: HDR_final, HDR_source_01, HDR_cource_02...

- Panorama_Stack: Panorama_final; Panorama_source_01, Panorama_source_02...

- Development_Stack: Development_final, RAW_original, RAW_to_PSD/TIF/JPG...


The open question for me is: Does this have to be a hierachical structure? E.g. There is a HDR-Panorama in TIF format that was created by the development based on some original RAW items.


Regards, Uwe

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