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Daminion Server. How to Play Video?


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Daminion downloads files from the Daminion Server if they are located on a server based folder and is not accessible by network share. While it's Ok for images and relatively small files, downloading large video files is not a good idea.


So to play videos that were uploaded to the Daminion Server you need to:

1. Place video files to a shared folder or share the folder with them.


2. After that right click on the previous location of video files in

the "Catalog Tags" panel and navigate to "Relink Folder" command:





3. Specify a new shared location of your videos




Now if you'll double click on a video thumbnail in your Daminion Client, the default Video Player will be launched and direct video file reference will be passed to your player, and you can view your videos without downloading their copies to your local computer.


[Proofreading of this post is welcome!]

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in this case a Streaming functionality like the DLNA-Standard.


You mentioned earlier, that this could be implemented by using the API, how exacly would that be configured?


Streaming will load your Server higher than just passing the direct link the remote video files, so we didn't add streaming capabilities to Daminion yet.

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