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Reporting TCs (Teleconverters) On Lens


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I noticed that Daminion does not report the presence of tele-converters on a lens, although it does report the correct effective focal length for a lens with a single TC mounted. The attached screen capture image shows how Adobe Bridge reports the presence of a TC. The screen capture also shows that the Metadata Viewer in Daminion (ExifTool) does not report the presence of a TC in the "Lens Type" field. I guess that's why Daminion doesn't report the TC's presence either. For multiple stacked TCs (like a 1.4x and a 2x), even Adobe Bridge does not report these correctly.


Perhaps this is a detail that won't affect most people but it would be nice to have the presence of TCs reported accurately.


Thanks, Mardon


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it seems that Canon doesn't write it in the metadata in the same way for all lenses and the combination with the TC.

Look at these screenshots and how Photoshop displays the metadata of the lens and TC combination in this case.




Regards, Uwe

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