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Hey Murat,

got another problem.


I was working on the Client Software installed on my Server. Yesterday Daminion worked great. This morning it got pretty slow and I quit it by hitting "CRTL+ALT+DEL" and restarted Daminion, I got this error message: post-1019-0-53254600-1376551087_thumb.png before doing this I saw this pretty often post-1019-0-95477800-1376551167_thumb.png

Than I clicked on reconnect I the Catalog got connected, but I can click anything and I do not get any pictures.


When I'm trieng to connect to Daminion from my Laptop I get this message:


When I try to start this debug mode on my laptop machine I get this message:



Send you the log files via email, I can't upload rar files here.





I'm sorry I somehow forgot to enter a topic name!

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Rene, did you try to restart the Daminion Server?



yes even restarted the whole computer.


I can connect again, but a lot of thumbnails are missing.


the server seems to work fast now.


I guess I was a little to early with creating this topic.

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