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810 - Move automaticaly to another page


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When having thousands pictures in a catalog 10 000), In a page when you are at last file (let's say 995), it


would be nice to change automaticaly and load next page when trying to go further than 1000th image.


Like this browsing large amount of files would be more continous or natural instead to select another page each




This is also true when you are on top of a page. (load previous page)

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here is a more descriptive reply ofthis request.


Yep, this would be nice and more effective to have this feature instead to clic next/previous page button each time when you are at begin/end of page.


(A bit the same when you read a pdf file with several pages. It displays automatically next/previous page when browsing up/down the file with wheelmouse or move up/down key. No need to clic on previous/next page for browsing a 10 pages document)



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