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797 - move content of a ID3-artist tag into a custom tag


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I would like to move (mass activity) the content of the tag ID3-artist (MP3 or FLAC item) into a custom tag (format text) of the Daminion catalog - not in the file itself. Is this possible?


Regards, Uwe

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Just thought that may be the best solution to solve your task (to add a capability of sorting music files by MP3 Artists) is to create a new custom media processor that will add support for Custom MP3 Artists as a single value (for example, all artists will be separated by a comma). Our Media Processing API is not publicly available, but it's possible to do this.


In this case both tags, MP3 Artists that supports multiple values, and Custom MP3 Artists that supports sorting will be populated automatically during an MP3 file importation.

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