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796 - copy and paste tags


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I've copied the tags from a DNG to a JPG item (ALT-Shift-C/ALT-Shift-V). In the pop-up window I can define which tags should be copied. There are only some tags to select. The result is: a lot of Exif data are not in the JPG file.


See the screenshot of DNG and JPG properties.

Daminion_796_DNG_camera_info_copy_paste_tags.JPG Daminion_796_JPG_camera_info_copy_paste_tags.JPG


Regards, Uwe

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Copy/Paste tags are for copying editable tags only, which are mainly belonged to the Description section in the Properties panel. To move technical/image/camera related tags please use a low-level metadata handling tools like ExifTool. For example:


Copy all tags from a.cr2 to a.jpg

1. exiftool −overwrite_original_in_place -TagsFromFile a.cr2 a.jpg


Copy all GPS info from SOURCE.DNG to DEST.JPG

2. exiftool −overwrite_original_in_place -TagsFromFile SOURCE.DNG -gps:all DEST.JPG


After that you need to invoke "Item > Read Tags from File" command for the updated image(s)

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