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Feature request and suggestion for this board


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Hey folks,

I have a feature request.


originally, before using Daminion I had the following folding-structure:










I had this because There where always Problems with the Files, like viewing CR2 Files on other Computers. So I had jpegs of my cr2 files in the ordering folder before ordering. After ordering I moved them into "digital". The only Problem is, that within this "ordering" Folder there are jpegs from others cameras as well. With Daminion I moved "raw" and "ditial" into one folder.


1. So is it possible to Have these jpeges been replaced with the cr2 Files with Daminion?

2. If it is, how can I do that?


btw. I would suggest to have one topic where the Admins will only open "Polls" so everybody can click on the features he want.


Currently I honestly lost track on what features have been requested. So I think there will be a lot of double requests.


What do you guys think?



thanks winam

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