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Assigning tags to large AVI Files (v.731)


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My first time using Daminion with video files:

I have large (5 to 90 GB), lossless AVI files, compressed with Lagarith. When I try to assign tags to the files, Daminion creates .XMP files, but the time required to do so is in the range of minutes per file.

The Writing Metadata preferences are set to write camera raw to XMP, and add video file support.

Have I missed something? Is there a way to fix this?

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I tried to create a new catalog. Added 9 files ranging from 125 MB to 35 GB.

I assigned tags in three groups:

under 1 GB - Success - Immediate update.

1 to 10 GB - Success - Immediate update.

10 to 35 GB - Fail

After about 5 minutes, I got a Windows message that Daminion had stopped working. On rerstart, Daminion failed to load the catalog with a message "PropertyGuid List cannot be empty".

I have XMP files for all the files under 10GB.

I created a new catalog, and added all the files again. The tags for the files under 10GB loaded correctly.

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