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Automating Keyword metadata Input


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Sorry, but I have another question. I apologize if I've just missed the information.


I have a couple hundred rolls of 35mm film organized by roll number and photo number. The information for each photo is in a MS Office Access database from which I used to print labels for the backsides of the photos. Included info is roll#, photo#, date, description.


I don't want to have to type all this in to the properties frame in Daminion, so I had in mind to use ExifTool. I would modify the MS Access reports to create a .BAT file in which there would be one ExifTool command line with the photo file name (now scanned) and various tags for the rest of the info.


The description and date cause no problem, but when I create keywords for Roll and Roll number, along with Photo and Photo number it becomes unclear to me. The Roll, Roll number, Photo and Photo number are definitely stored in the photo somewhere. According to your online docs, you store the keyword info in the IPTC/XMS sections. But when I use the Show all Metadata command under Actions, even after I've exited and restarted Daminion and can see the keywords in the properties frame, I can't find the keyword information anywhere in the metadata display.


I would imagine that I would use quoted strings with backslashes to depict nested keywords, but I have no idea what tags I would use in ExifTool to insert the info into a photo, in particular where Daminion would be expecting it. By using ExifTool outside of Daminion, I am still unable to see the keyword information.


Additionally, would other programs be able to correctly read the keyword into? I suppose they wouldn't know what to do with it for complex nesting, but one would want to get at the info somehow. How would one do that without Daminion?


If users aren't supposed to know how the keyword info is coded in the metadata, then might you be able to tell me how I could automate adding the metadata for keywords?


Thank you.

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Hi Debugger,


can you give us an example photo to download and test it? Do you know this document?Daminion-metadata-mapping-rules.pdf


Regards, Uwe



Before sending you an example of this, I set out to make sure that the problem really existed. And... it doesn't. I'm sorry to have bothered you about this. It has been a while since I was dealing with metadata, and I forgot about the very last step. And when I did that, there were tags a-go-go in the metadata.


To make matters worse, you did explain it all to me last August. I console myself that I do now remember the procedure, and that supposedly there are no stupid questions. Once again: sorry I bothered you about this. And thanks for the link. I had the documentation from Exiftool, but the one you pointed me to is more useful.

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