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I have imported some fotos from a directory "fotos via eMail". And have forgotten to import it to the usual directory for all daminion-fotos >> "fotos daminion". What can I do to change the directory, or must I import the fotos once more in the right directory? But than I musted set all tags etc new.....and had duplicates. The directory "fotos via eMail" I usually delete after the import into DAM (into the right directory).


It would be very good if DAM had a function "search for duplicates"......

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hello Wolfgang,


I think there is no 'change directory' function.


You can use the following procedure:


1. Use File Sync/Write tags to files


2. Select the images and remove them from the catalog (do not move them to recycle bin)


3. Move your files to the right directory with explorer (outside from Daminion)


4. Add them to the catalog from the new directory


This should preserve your tags and other datas.


Hope this can help you.



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