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Bug: Change Place in several Pictures


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Yes, values are set in the properties panel


Place is a compound tag (country, state, city, location) so you need to specify all the values of this tag to change it.


There are some issue with the helper context menu in Place tag. But we'll fix it, and Country & State will be automatically populated if you select a "aCountry\aState\aCity" from the City dropdown box.

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Another Problem, same issue:

I have 30 Pictures with same country, same state, same city, but 24 different locations.


How can i change a spelling mistake in city, without change country, state and the different locations?


You can change any country, state, city or location using tag treeview.



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If I understood you correctly you have two cities in the same level of tag's hierarchy. One is valid and the second one is with spelling mistake and both are describing the same city. You need to correct the spelling mistake and leaves the location. Am I right?

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There is no feature to merge tags yet. So, below are the steps explaining how to correct a spelling mistake.

For example we have the following tag structure with spelling mistake.




We need to merge the City and Wrong City.

First of all we need to consistently move all files assigned to Locations from "Wrong City" to their copies at "City".


You can see two Locations in our example: First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Filter all the files with Wrong City > First Avenue. Select all found files using browser and drag these files to City > First Avenue.




Repeat this action with Wrong City > Second Avenue




Delete "Wrong City" once all the Locations from "Wrong City" will be successfully moved.




If "Wrong City" contains some Location that does not exist in the "City" you can move this Location using Tag's tree.



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